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For over seven years we have been working on the very important project of uniting hundreds of Russian speaking families of Jerusalem into a vibrant, young community called Yad Ramah. With Hashem's help and with the blessing of Savraner Rebbe we have succeeded in helping many dozens of people to grow and strengthen their commitment to Torah. Our mission is to help and encourage members of our community to integrate their talents, professions and personalities into their new Torah observant lives in the Holy Land and continue building our community so that it can become the center of Russian Jewish life in Jerusalem.

Rav Eliyahu Gladshteyn Founding Director of Yad Ramah


Yad Ramah is a young, dynamic community of Russian speaking Jews, created and lead by Rav Eliyahu Gladshteyn, with the blessing of Savraner Rebbe (Head of The Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem) which is situated in the beautiful neighborhood of Jerusalem, Ramot Bet.

We are a community of likeminded individuals who share a history of being raised in non observant families from the FSU, who found their way to Torah practices and values. United by our strict adherence to practical halacha, we cherish the skills and valuable experiences from our past, while simultaneously working hard to integrate them into our new lives in Israel.

Our community is known for its warm welcome and acceptance of individual differences. Most of the community members are between 25 and 45 years old, actively involved in raising their young families, while balancing professional careers and learning Torah. In the supportive atmosphere of our community, so familiar to Russian speakers, we combine creative ways of serving Hashem with rigorous learning in our yeshivah and kollel, daily prayers, life cycle events, such as circumcision, bar and bat-mitzvah’s, weddings, Holidays and Torah classes.

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Yeshivah Yad Ramah

Our goal is to help Russian speaking Jewish youth to develop their spiritual potential by establishing and growing their connection with foundational as well as more advanced Jewish learning. We do this by immersing students in the Jewish textual tradition which encompasses the Talmud, Halacha, Tanach, Musar and Hasidut.

We help every student in our yeshivah identify their unique way of serving Hashem through systematic textual learning, participation in social and community events, and help in application of their professional skills to the observant lifestyle. We also guide our students towards successful building and raising Jewish families, BaEzrat Hashem.

Our yeshivah is fully integrated into the Yad Ramah community which provides an exceptional opportunity for students to seamlessly socialize and integrate into an Israeli observant community while immersing themselves in their studies.

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